Planned Giving

OCA welcomes planned giving. A few ways to contribute are listed below.
Consult with your attorney or financial adviser for information on how a tax-deductible gift can best benefit you, your family, and OCA.

Gifts in Memory

A yearly fund to honor community members has been established by OCA. Each season, outreach and educational events will recognize the devotion of individuals, appropriate to their interest in chamber music, vocal, dance, jazz, traditional, or other performance areas.  Memorial gifts for this purpose are welcome.

Gifts in Honor

Tax-deductible gifts may also honor family members, friends, or colleagues on a celebrated anniversary or other occasion. Such gifts are appreciated by those being honored and their families, as well as by OCA. Naming opportunities may include:
1) Creating a named fund to support a specific program or service offered by OCA.
2) Dedicating a concert or special event to a cherished person. This can be a one-time or perpetual dedication.

Cash Gifts

If you itemize on your taxes, you can lower your taxes by writing us a check.  And you’ll benefit the community by investing in OCA.

Charitable Lead Trusts and Life Income Gifts

With charitable lead trusts, you transfer assets to a trustee who makes payments to OCA for a specified time, after which the assets transfer to your heirs, largely free of estate and gift taxes.

Life income gifts are essentially the reverse: you transfer a low-dividend-paying asset to a charitable remainder trust, increasing your lifetime income and providing a tax-deductible gift to OCA at the same time. The income would be paid to you for life, after which the assets would be distributed to OCA.


OCA can be easily added to your will through an amendment called a codicil; the entire document does not have to be redrafted. Bequests can take the form of a designated dollar amount, percentage of your estate, or remainder interest.


Whichever method you consider, please know that OCA appreciates your support!

Consult with your adviser and contact the OCA at (607) 432-1589 for more information, or email us at (write “Planned Giving” in the subject header).